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List of Best HMO in Nigeria

List Of Health Maintenance Organisations In Nigeria

This is a directory of HMO in Nigeria. On this page you will find not just the NHIS accredited HMOs, but the best HMOs in Nigeria.

Some of these HMOs are National, meaning their scope of operation spreads across the whole 36 states in Nigeria. While a handful are limited to a state by their licence. We call these ones state HMO. We also have regional HMOs.

HMO simply stands for Health Maintenance Organization. This is either a private or public company registered by the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) in Nigeria to manage the provision of affordable and quality healthcare services through Health Care Facilities (Hospitals, Specialists, Clinics, Diagnostic centres, etc) accredited by NHIS.

Find the contact, websites, phone numbers and address of the best HMO in Nigeria.

cat-icon Plot 497, Abogo Largema Street, Central Business District Abuja, Nigeria
cat-icon Plot C1, Port Harcourt - Aba Expressway, Rumuogba, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
cat-icon Plot 1323, Aderemi Adesoji Street Off Samuel Jereton Mariere Road, Gudu District, Abuja