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Content Policy

About YapAce.com

YapAce.com is a complete system for improving customer experience and brand value through feedback, customer ratings and posts by experts. This is a community designed to give customer the platform to effectively play the role of a stakeholder by suggesting and recommending how he or she should be served by businesses and service providers in Nigeria. Businesses on the other hand will benefit immensely from the resources, posts and feedback from customers shared on YapAce.com. Beyond business listings, with YapAce.com you will get valid and helpful information to improve your brand value, lead generation, customer experience, and revenue.

Who Can Add Listings

Businesses are either listed by our team or by a representative of concerned businesses. However, a third party who feels a business deserves to be added can add it. Service Providers, Specialists, Experts, Agencies, Professional Institutions, Public Institutions and NGOs are added by our team or a third party(a representative or anyone).

Business Details

Details about listed businesses, Local service providers, Specialists, Experts, Agencies, Public Institutions and Professional Institutions are either gathered from their respective websites, social media pages or supplied by their representatives.

Image Gallery/Featured Image

Images uploaded were either downloaded from the websites, social media pages or supplied by the representatives of concerned businesses.

Business Details Verification

Added businesses will first be on pending mode for not more than 24 hours, and then published after verification.