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About Us

About YapAce

YapAce is a complete Nigeria directory where businesses and service providers are listed for maximum online exposure and lead generation. On this platform, private owned Nigeria businesses, public institutions, non-governmental organizations, professional bodies, agencies, freelance, experts, specialists and relevant online based businesses are listed. This platform has two sections – the directory and blog:


Maximum Lead Generation!

Under the directory section, businesses, service providers, public institutions, non-governmental organizations, professional bodies, agencies, experts and relevant online resources are listed for maximum exposure and easy discovery.

Blog/Content Curation

Tips & News Section

Under this section, we curate and create contents with focus on helping both business startups and blue-chip companies improve their customer service, brand value, sales & marketing, advertising and revenue.  We re-post contents from authority websites, experts and create weekly roundup of relevant contents relating to several niches with hope of helping our visitors know more about concerned business categories.

Why You Should Add Your Business on YapAce.com

As the number of websites continues to proliferate, consumers need a simple way to sort through throngs of web pages to find exactly what they need at any given time, and that is where a business directory comes in. A business directory like YapAce organizes businesses based on categories and presents relevant information about these businesses at a glance.

The internet has become the primary means for prospective buyers to evaluate a business’ products or services, and business directories rank high on web searches because they are so frequently used. Surprisingly, too many businesses are not aware of how they can use a business directory to strengthen their marketing efforts online.

Adding your business on a good business directory can have a tremendous impact on your sales and revenue. A good business directory ranks high on search engines for several keywords related to your niche and that makes it a good resource to leverage for improving your online marketing campaign.


To become the most innovative and reliable business support resources in Nigeria


Our mission at YapAce is to increase the viability and profitability of Nigeria businesses and services through strong advocacy for you and your products and services.

Core Values

Our core values are to build systems that foster customer partnership; make a difference in Nigerian marketplace; be honest, ethical, and socially responsible; work for the best; innovate new and better solutions; and continuously improve. These core values guide all aspects of YapAce’s business culture.

Business Support

Web Hosting and Design

Need I remind you that if you don’t have a business website, your online marketing campaign could be undermined? No matter how beautifully designed your social media pages are; your freedom of usage is still limited. With a self hosted website, you’re always in charge and there are no constraints on the quantity or quality of content you can publish, and the web design or page layout. And interestingly, you don’t have to break a bank to have a professionally designed website.

We design, host and manage websites for interested businesses at a token… We charge annual fee of N12, 000 or a monthly fee of N1, 200. We added this package to eliminate the major constraints most small businesses fondly give as excuse for not having a website – “high cost of web design and maintenance.”


We work with in-house and freelance copywriting team to convey your message to the public and targeted customers in an irresistible and highly effective way. Whether you want to improve your brand awareness or you want to double your sales, our copywriting ultimately contributes to your business objectives. We use all elements of communication mix to help your brand realize its full potential.

Advisory Services

We offer advisory services to businesses especially SMEs. We help provide direction and focus to the strategic planning process and advice on high-priority improvements.